Laneta Dorflinger, PhD

Distinguished Scientist and Director, Contraceptive Technology Innovation

Areas of expertise

  • Contraceptive technologies
  • HIV prevention research
  • Reproductive health
  • Hormonal contraception

Projects & Resources

  • Envision FP develops, introduces and expands understanding of contraceptive technologies to enhance method choice and reduce unmet need.

  • The goal of the Contraceptive Technology Innovation (CTI) Initiative is to develop new and strategically important contraceptives, through a strong focus on global partnerships, that ensures wide access to quality, affordable and acceptable products for those most in need.

Published Research

  • Medroxyprogesterone acetate levels among Kenyan women using depot medroxyprogesterone acetate in the FEM-PrEP trial
    Nanda K, Callahan R, Taylor D, Wang M, Agot K, Jenkins D, Van Damme L, Dorflinger L, FEM-PrEP study group
    Contraception 2016 Jul; 94 (1): 40-7. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.788]

    This study presents some of the few available data on contraceptive hormone (medroxyprogesterone acetate) levels among women using depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) in Africa. The authors found lower than expected levels among DMPA users with documented injections. This finding highlights the need for more data confirming effectiveness of different DMPA products in different populations, including post-marketing surveillance and pharmacokinetic data and chemical/physical tests for product quality assurance.

  • Addressing gaps in the contraceptive method mix: Methods in development
    Nanda K, Callahan R, Dorflinger L.
    Womens Health 2015 Nov; 11 (6): 729-35. [Journal Impact Factor: n/a]

    Many of the most common causes of unmet needs for contraception and unintended pregnancy could be addressed with new and improved contraceptive technologies. Several mid- to long-acting methods currently under development, including new intrauterine devices, implants, vaginal rings and injectable methods, may help fill gaps in the current contraceptive method mix by offering improved or more affordable options.

  • In vivo release of levonorgestrel from Sino-implant (II) — an innovative comparison of explant data
    Callahan RL, Taylor D, Jenkins DW, Owen DH, Cheng L, Cancel AM, Dorflinger LJ, Steiner MJ.
    Contraception 2015 Oct; 92 (4): 350-5. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.335]

    This innovative approach measured the amount of contraceptive hormone remaining in removed Sino-implant (II) rods that had been used for various lengths of time and compared the data to reports from Jadelle. The results provide evidence that Sino-implant (II) may perform similarly to Jadelle over three years and remain a highly effective contraceptive beyond this time point.

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