Julia R. Frazier, PhD

Associate Director, Literacy and Early Childhood Development

Areas of expertise

  • Early grade reading
  • L2 reading
  • Teacher professional development
  • Curriculum development
  • Learning assessment

Projects & Resources

  • With the Let's Learn to Read and Write (Ann ALE) project in Haiti, FHI 360 will focus on early grade reading and writing (EGR/W) that is coordinated, effective and sustainable.

  • The USAID Ghana Partnership for Education: Learning activity aims to support Ghana's educational institutions over five years, with the goal of improving, expanding and sustaining learning outcomes for at least 2.8 million primary students nationwide.

  • Global Education (brochure)

    For more than four decades, FHI 360’s global education experts have worked to ensure that all young people have equitable access to a quality education that equips them to become productive and empowered citizens.

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