Irina Yacobson, MD

Technical Advisor, Research Utilization

Areas of expertise

  • Family planning and reproductive health
  • Family planning and HIV integration
  • Research utilization
  • Provider training
  • Curriculum development

Projects & Resources

Published Research

  • Increasing access and adherence to the PMTCT cascade: Is there a role for economic strengthening interventions?
    Yacobson I, Malkin M, Lebetkin E
    Int J Popul Res 2016; 2016(Article ID 4039012): 8 p. [Journal Impact Factor: n/a]

    This review examines the evidence of the effects that economic strengthening interventions have on the use of and adherence to prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) and other health services relevant to the PMTCT cascade. It also identifies evidence gaps and formulates research questions, which, if answered, may better guide policymakers and program implementers as they work to improve service utilization.

  • Ectopic pregnancy with use of progestin-only injectables and contraceptive implants: A systematic review
    Callahan R, Yacobson I, Halpern V, Nanda K.
    Contraception 2015 Dec; 92 (6): 514-22. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.335]

    Progestin-only contraceptive implants and injectables protect against ectopic pregnancy by being highly effective in preventing pregnancy overall. However, in the case of method failure, levonorgestrel (LNG)-containing contraceptive implants may be more likely to result in ectopic pregnancies than other methods, such as combined hormonal and barrier contraceptives. Women using LNG-containing implants, such as Jadelle or Sino-implant (II), and their providers should be aware of potential signs of ectopic pregnancy on the small chance the method should fail.

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