Diana Rutherford, MA

Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist

Areas of expertise

  • Child wellbeing
  • Economic strengthening
  • Household economic welfare
  • Micro and small business development
  • Anti-corruption
  • Research and evaluation of economic strengthening programs to understand effects on children

Projects & Resources

Published Research

  • Impact of an agricultural value chain project on smallholder farmers, households, and children in Liberia
    Rutherford DD, Burke HM, Cheung KK, Field SH
    World Dev 2016 Jul; 8370-83. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.965]

    This paper explores the impact of an agricultural value chain project in Liberia on smallholder farmers, their households and children in order to better understand the link between household economic welfare and child well-being. Although the study suggests that the intervention contributed to positive outcomes, it also illustrates how economic-focused interventions alone are insufficient to produce sustained improvements in children’s lives. Economic strengthening programs should benefit children as part of their effort to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

  • Can village savings and loan groups be a potential tool in the malnutrition fight? Mixed method findings from Mozambique
    Brunie A, Fumagalli L, Martin T, Field S, Rutherford D.
    Child Youth Serv Rev 2014 Dec; 47 (Part 2): 113-20. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.046]

    The findings of this study underscore the potential of economic-strengthening activities, such as village savings and loan groups, for improving seasonal and transitory food security. But, findings also highlight the need for additional supporting interventions to overcome chronic nutritional challenges.

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