Carina Omoeva, PhD

Director, Research and Evaluation, Global Education, and Education Policy and Data Center

Areas of expertise

  • Data utilization and information systems
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation

Projects & Resources

Published Research

  • Universal, but not free: Household schooling costs and equity effects of Uganda's universal secondary education policy
    Omoeva C, Gale C
    Int J Educ Dev 2016 Sep; 5041-50. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.067]

    This paper analyzes the effects of Uganda’s universal secondary education policy on households and schools. The policy provides schools with a per-pupil capitation grant. The authors found that receipt of the capitation grants has increased substantially for most students and is associated with a 60 percent reduction in household spending on education per child. In addition, no evidence was found that the policy boosted school attendance or retention.

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