FHI 360 at Women Deliver 2019

FHI 360 is committed to delivering on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, recognizing that gender equality and social inclusion are fundamental to advancing a healthier, safer, better educated, connected, just and empowered world. Our evidence-based, multidisciplinary activities engage girls, boys, women and men to address harmful gender practices and unequal gender norms.


At Women Deliver 2019, FHI 360 hosted or participated in eight in-person events and three digital events. You can view our booth exhibits and check out our schedule of sessions below. 

FHI 360 Events and Sessions

Tuesday June 4, 2019

1:30-2:30pm PDT Integration matters: Advancing the lives of girls and women through holistic programming Concurrent Session
Room 306
3:00-4:00pm PDT The global gender digital health divide: A debate Concurrent Session
Room 221-222
5:00-7:00pm PDT Private-sector impact for women and girls: Models that make good business and social sense FHI 360 Official Side Event
Room 118, Level 1

Wednesday June 5, 2019

6:00-8:00am PDT Power of We: Changing dynamics for women in the workforce Concurrent Session
Room 220
12:30-1:30pm PDT Can you hear me now? What does it take to improve the health of women and girls? Luncheon Session
Room 116-117, Level 1
1:30-2:30pm PDT Let’s get what we want: Contraceptive innovation, access, quality and choiceConcurrent Session
Room 301-305
1:30-2:30pm PDT Designing for a better world: Can design thinking improve the lives of women and girls? Concurrent Session
Room 306

Thursday June 6, 2019

5:00-7:00pm PDT What do men have to do with it? The merits of male engagement Partner Event
Room 212
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Also attending are

  • Tosin Akibu, Project Director Nigeria, Special Projects Portfolio (Presenter)
  • Allison Bozniak, Associate Director, Regional and Sector Communications
  • Holly Burke, Scientist, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child Health (Presenter)
  • Heather Chauny, Associate Director, Partnerships and Acting AD Partnerships
  • Leanne Gray, Social Media Manager
  • Kerri Kelleher, Communications Associate
  • Dennis Kibwola, Technical Officer, Partnerships and Innovation, Uganda
  • Michele Lanham, Technical Advisor, Research Utilization
  • Alexia Lewnes, Director, Communications
  • Amanda McMahon, Project Director, College and Career Readiness
  • Emily Namey, Associate Director, Research
  • Priyanka Rao, Associate Director, FHI Ventures and Strategic Innovation
  • Katherine Wise, Digital and Visual Communications
  • Leigh Wynne, Technical Advisor, Research Utilization
  • Media Inquiries

    For any on-site questions about the event or how we can help, reach out to our FHI 360 media contact.
    Alexia Lewnes
    Director, Communications