FHI 360 at the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit 2023

3 young people sit at a blue table with a woman discussing something while looking at a laptop computer

May 16–18, 2023
Silver Spring, MD, USA

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated existing inequalities and deepened many development challenges, slowing progress toward meeting the U.N. sustainable development goals by 2030. Unemployment and underemployment, the climate crisis, and challenges to our democratic systems disproportionately affect young people’s social and economic mobility and well-being. Meaningful youth participation in the economy is increasingly challenging due to a myriad of factors, including the lack of education, training, and entrepreneurial skills required to thrive in today’s job market. Despite these challenges, young people continue to demonstrate their resilience, determination and innovation in creating economic opportunities to realize their livelihood needs. Youth leaders, youth economic opportunity practitioners, and funders are adapting their priorities to this changing landscape and considering how to build resilient systems to better address the economic participation challenges facing young people.


The 2023 Global Youth Economic Opportunities (YEO) Summit will center on “YEO Reimagined: Powering Youth-Led Action Towards 2030” and will explore how we can reimagine and build sustainable youth economic opportunities, with and for young people in the decade of action. Summit sessions will explore critical emerging topics, including the growing demand for green skills, digital skills and intergenerational programming; mental health; resilience; inclusion; mentorship for entrepreneurs; and private sector engagement, among others.


FHI 360 experts will contribute to important discussions, such as youth economic opportunities in agriculture, integrating youth mental health into workforce development programming, youth systems collaboration, and civic engagement, among others.

Technical presence

*NOTE: Exact times, dates and locations of all presentations are subject to change.


Tuesday May 16, 9:30–12:00 p.m. EDT

Pre-Summit Training: Thinking in Systems, Acting Collaboratively: An Advanced Practicum for Youth Employment

Description: The Youth Systems (YS) Framework provides an evidence-based conceptual schema for bringing together diverse concepts and methods for systems change that are, at this time, fragmented across diverse practice areas and projects. It draws on and builds upon two well-known frameworks: the “systems iceberg” and the Six Conditions of Systems Change. The YS Framework and understanding of how to use it will help the Positive Youth Development field be able to gather data, reflect on practice and build consensus around better practices that will improve the field overall.


Join the Youth Systems Collaborative for a participatory, hands-on workshop focused on the YS Framework for Collective Action! Through this session, participants will be co-creators of the YSF Guide, which is in the process of being developed. Participants’ experiences, lessons learned, questions and feedback will contribute to the learning process and be able to contribute to the YouthPower2 Learning and Evaluation (YP2LE) Youth Systems Strengthening community of practice after the summit.


FHI 360 Trainer:  Kristin Brady, Director of Post Primary, Youth and Higher Education Group

Thursday May 18, 10:45–11:45 a.m. EDT

Agriculture: Not Just for Farmers Anymore: Learn how Tech Wizards, Financial Gurus, and Social Leaders are Creating Exciting and Profitable Livelihoods in the Food Value Chain and Saving the World at the Same Time

Description: Meet three young professionals who are shaking up the agriculture sector — and they are not farmers. Learn how jobs across the whole value chain — from research to civil society to finance — are transforming agriculture from destructive and poverty-trapping livelihoods to one of the most powerful weapons against climate change — and creating exciting jobs in the process. Whether you are interested in technology, finance, law, social justice or research, there’s a place for you to innovate a global sector, help billions out of poverty and save the planet.


FHI 360 Speakers and Moderators:
Grace Lwin, Youth Economic Empowerment Specialist
Kate Fehlenberg, Climate Change Technical Advisor
Kristina Morzan Kaplia, Technical Officer – Youth Workforce Development
Obed Diener, Technical Advisor

Thursday May 18, 4:15–5:15 p.m. EDT

Mental Health Plenary: Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts: Working Together for Youth Mental Health

Description: COVID, conflict, climate disasters and discrimination of all kinds continue to weigh on the mental health of the 1.12 billion young people around the world, negatively affecting their ability to access and sustain work. The need for cross-sectoral, holistic, and comprehensive youth mental health programming has never been greater, and the international development community’s efforts to reimagine youth economic opportunities will only be successful when the current mental health crisis is addressed. In a dialog moderated by Adam Brown, our panelists will discuss their innovative, evidence-based, cross disciplinary work with vulnerable youth in Ukraine, El Salvador, and Eswatini; the essential role that community members play in their respective programs; and where to go from here.


FHI 360 Speaker: Margarita Oksanichenko, Workforce Development Associate, U.S. Agency for International Development/Ukraine Economic Resilience Activity


For questions about FHI 360's presence at this event, reach out to our team.
Kristina Morzan Kaplia
Technical Officer II, Global Education, Employment and Engagement
Lead photo credit: Yahya Filali/LP Media for ISED-BMK. Three participants diligently refining their business plans, with mentorship from an entrepreneurship expert, during the August 2022 boot camp of the Regional Entrepreneurship Odysseys competition. Supported by the Morocco Inclusive Socioeconomic Development in Beni Mellal-Khénifra (ISED-BMK) project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, ORE is an annual competition for project ideas that is open to all university and vocational training students in the Beni Mellal-Khénifra region. It is part of ISED-BMK’s efforts to promote entrepreneurship and support the creation of innovative businesses by regional youth, women, and people with disabilities enrolled in university and vocational training programs.