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Socially and economically sensitive approaches to distancing: Is there science behind lifting lockdowns?

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Thursday, June 4, 2020
8:00-9:00am EDT
Converts to: 2pm Pretoria; 3pm Addis Ababa; 7pm Bangkok

About the webinar

The pressure of soaring unemployment, contracting economies, sporadic unrests and protests, and forecasted global food insecurity makes it hard to maintain physical distancing policies. While countries are lifting or planning to lift physical distancing measures, there is no general agreement about the timing, speed and extent. Public health experts warn of a surge in the pandemic if pre-conditions are not met. How should policy makers design gating criteria?


Dr. Alex Coutinho, Uganda physician and Chair, Board of Directors, International Partnership for Microbicides
Dr. Doris Macharia, Director, East and Southern Africa, FHI 360