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Consultant and proposal opportunities

In addition to seeking staff for current full- and part-time openings, FHI 360 recruits individuals for short- and long-term consulting work. If you would like to be considered for consulting opportunities as they become available.

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Proposal development

FHI 360 seeks individuals for short- and long-term work assignments that arise through our proposal development process. Proposal positions generally fall into four categories: Chief of Party or Project Director, Monitoring and Evaluation Director, Finance and Administration Director, and Technical Assistance Expert in global health and nutrition, education, civil society, economic development and livelihoods, research or the environment.

FHI 360 also seeks exceptionally qualified staff with experience managing country offices or large country-wide public health and development programs, including leaders of multidisciplinary health and development teams in developing countries.


FHI 360 posts solicitations for goods and services to support our programs and operations. This site contains FHI 360 requests for proposals and quotes, invitations for bid, and solicitations for consultant and small business opportunities.

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