Article Type: Feature

  • To increase access to quality HIV care, engage local partners first

    FHI 360, alongside international and local partners, coordinated donations to 31 health facilities in Togo and Burkina Faso that enabled them to significantly improve their patient care.

  • In a Mumbai suburb, a salon opens doors for the transgender community

    Transformation Salon, near Mumbai, is an example of a community-based organization’s diversified funding model that will help sustain India’s HIV response and reduce reliance on donor and government funding.

  • Mental health support helps Ukrainians cope with the stress of war  

    Through the Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance Response Program (UHARP), FHI 360 connects people who live in previously occupied areas of Ukraine to mental health care via psychologists in mobile medical units.

  • Postpartum family planning saves lives — here’s what we can do to reach more people

    FHI 360 is ensuring that postpartum family planning services are available and accessible, working with communities, and strengthening interventions through better measurement to help health facilities and systems provide care.

  • Revitalizing communities for the long term in the face of crisis

    Following the 2023 earthquake in Morocco, FHI 360 provided grants to two established local partners and co-designed rapid-impact projects to meet immediate needs and prepare for the future.

  • Black soldier flies and ‘magic barrels’ reduce community waste

    The USAID MADANI activity supported an Indonesian civil society organization to introduce TONGKAT barrels, an environmentally friendly waste management solution using black soldier flies to process organic waste into fertilizer.

  • Behind the scenes on the set of YOLO

    With support from the FHI 360-led USAID Accelerating Social and Behavior Change (ASBC) Activity, the Ghanaian TV show YOLO is entertaining youth and sharing key messages to support healthy behaviors.

  • Q&A: Janet Robinson on Disease X and pandemic preparedness

    The world will always face the emergence and reemergence of new and existing pathogens. As fears of the next pandemic continue to grow, Janet Robinson, FHI 360’s director of emerging infectious diseases and health security, shares insight into Disease X. Can you explain what Disease X actually is? Disease X is a placeholder name adopted…

  • Mobile medical units fill gaps in health care in Ukraine

    There have been more than 1,100 attacks on the Ukrainian health care system since the Russian invasion began in 2022. Areas that were occupied in the early months of the war lost consistent access to health care services. To connect people living in previously occupied rural regions with much-needed health care, FHI 360 has mobilized…

  • Community learning hubs spark change in northern Nigeria

    It’s a Sunday afternoon in Kano, Nigeria, and Malam Aliyu Musa is walking to the mosque. He carries writing materials and posters filled with letters, syllables and words. Along the way, he is joined by children of all ages — some as young as 3 years old — excitedly running up to him with their…