Revenue US Dollars
US Government $730,709,659
Foundations/Individuals $45,253,911
Multilateral Agencies $24,537,892
Corporations $16,290,035
Other $9,754,792
Other Governments $2,564,026
Total $829,092,315
Expenses US Dollars
Program Expenses $711,700,823
General and Administrative $100,698,490
Business Development $16,129,109
Total $828,528,422
  • Revenue by source

    Pie chart depicting revenue by source
  • Allocation of expenses

    Pie chart depicting allocation of expenses
  • work by area

    Crosscutting areas, such as technology, gender and youth, are integrated into many of our programs.

    Pie chart depicting work by area.
  • Work by region

    Pie chart depicting work by region