US Dollars
US Government $667,041,239
Foundations/Individuals $49,303,078
Multilateral Agencies $19,020,938
Corporations $17,047,958
Other Governments $9,707,654
Other $7,357,249
Total $769,478,116


US Dollars
Operational Expenses and Programs $659,792,875
General and Administrative $93,397,372
Business Development $12,103,559
Total $765,293,806
  • Revenue by source

    Pie chart depicting revenue by source
  • Allocation of expenses

    Pie chart depicting allocation of expenses
  • work by area

    Crosscutting areas, such as technology, gender and youth, are integrated into many of our programs.

    Pie chart depicting work by area.
  • Work by region

    Pie chart depicting work by region