A message from the CEO

Tessie San Martin

Dear friends and colleagues,

People around the world today are faced with challenges that seem insurmountable: threats to their health stemming from new infectious diseases; dramatic changes in climate that threaten their livelihoods and food supply; and, in far too many countries, devastating violence and breakdowns of societal peace. As the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the growing severity of drought in the world illustrate, the scale and nature of these challenges extend beyond borders and will require concerted action at a global scale.

For over a half century, FHI 360 has stood out as a leader in our sector, paving the way for innovative solutions to big challenges by delivering bold ideas backed by evidence. Today, the data is telling us something critically important and undeniable: The people who are closest to a problem are closest to its solution. To meet the global challenges we face today, local leadership and local priorities must come first — and we must center locally led development and localization so that positive change endures for generations to come.

To this end, FHI 360 has launched a new organizational strategy. We are refocusing our efforts and changing how we operate. We are committed to continue sharing data-driven insights and scalable tools that expand access and equity so communities can effectively address complex challenges, respond to shocks and achieve thriving futures. We know that for change to endure, it must be owned by those directly affected, so we are expanding our efforts to establish more inclusive systems, engage new voices and ensure diverse representation in all we do. Making FHI 360 a more diverse and inclusive organization is essential to our ability to innovate, rethink how we deliver value and achieve our strategic ambition.

At FHI 360, we believe in the power of people and partnerships to change the world. Together, we are working to ensure that opportunity is within reach for everyone.

I hope you’ll read our annual impact report to learn more about the latest steps on our journey.

Warm regards,

Tessie San Martin, PhD, MS

Chief Executive Officer, FHI 360

Photo Credit: Katherine Wise/FHI 360

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