Postsecondary Success Collaborative

psp-landingpageBy 2018, 64 percent of jobs in the United States will require a postsecondary degree or certificate, according to Complete College America. But, for many students the steps to college are not clear, and the supports and services to get there are invisible or unavailable.

Launched in 2008 with support from the Citi Foundation, the FHI 360 Postsecondary Success Collaborative has put higher education within reach for more students. By strengthening and building local partnerships, communities are identifying and providing the tools that students need to succeed in college.

The Postsecondary Success Collaborative began with the goal of reaching some 4,500 students in 10 pilot high schools in Miami-Dade County, Philadelphia and San Francisco. More schools and partners are getting involved, and the program is expanding to additional communities. Over the lifetime of the initiative, we have reached more than 12,000 students. Now, more schools and partners are getting involved, and the program is expanding to additional communities.

The Postsecondary Success Collaborative partners with the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning to evaluate its work in order to learn and share lessons about increasing college enrollment and completion for students from high-need communities. Ongoing data collection and analysis is showing continuing success.

Thanks to the Citi Foundation’s investment and matching dollars from local funders, more low-income youth are getting the education, tools and skills to succeed in higher education and today’s increasingly competitive job market.

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  • Postsecondary Success for All: Leveraging Partners and Assets
    In 2008, FHI 360 and the Citi Foundation joined together to launch the Citi Postsecondary Success Program, now called the Postsecondary Success Collaborative. Five years and 12,000 students later, the Postsecondary Success Collaborative has...
  • United States
Funder: Citi Foundation and local funders
Duration: 2008 - 2013